Hello Beautiful...

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Hello Beautiful

I thank you for being here.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Carmen Lynde. A Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist. A Practitioner, Teacher and Writer. I have been studying plants and their medicine for many years.

I have led a wild life so far. From illness to healing; miscarriage to gratitude; recklessness to reverence; religion to spirituality, including a recent trip to the Amazon Rainforest and the impact it has had on my life… to

running away from home, at a young age, to escape my death and reacquaint myself with life. Perhaps one day I’ll muster the courage to share that last one with you.

I will share my own personal experience, clinical experience, wisdom and teachings I have accumulated for nearly five decades on this beautiful Earth. The connection and profound love I feel for the plants, their medicine and for the Great Mother (Mother Earth, Mother Nature).

I will share plant-based recipes, herbal formulas, spiritual teachings, stories and what it means to me to live well, on purpose.

This writing is coming to you on 12.12 (December 12th), an auspicious date, the final full moon of the year and decade, and the day to which I said my last good-bye to my beautiful Mom as she left this Earth. A sacred and meaningful day, indeed.

Thank you for sharing this time and space with me. I look forward to more conversations with you. And hearing your comments or what arises in you as you read my words. I am grateful for your time. We are all in this together. Until next time…..

Carmen Lynde

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  • Indeed you are beautiful! So looking forward to reading these posts. I am your fan!

    Bahar on
  • Lovely first post! You are beautiful Carmen

    Kim Brewer on
  • carmen, beautiful post <3
    you have so much to share – i want to hear all your stories and learn from your wisdom!

    jenn on
  • Thank you for this open letter. I’m excited to walk with you through this wonderful life journey and look forward to hearing more!

    Mary-Ann on
  • you are beautiful

    Mr Ralph Lynde on

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