A Milestone...

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A Milestone…


What a year 2020 was! It’s coming to a close with the Cancer Full Moon. The full moon is a time of peak creativity, a time to celebrate, to put something of your creation out into the world. Cancer is the astrological sign that is ruled by the Moon, our emotions. A beautiful time to get in touch with our emotions. To allow ourselves to really feel them and to reveal what we need to sift through, and discern what to bring into our lives. 


I turned 50 a few days ago. It was a milestone, indeed. It is an honour to be this age and I am truly grateful to be in this powerful transition in my life. There is certainly a weight of responsibility but there is also an excitement of what’s to come. 


I tend to choose one word at the beginning of a year that I would like to embody. It’s a fun practice but also one that keeps me aligned with my values and dreams. In 2019 I chose SELF DISCOVERY. At the time I did not know I would travel deep into the Amazon and have a profound experience that has forever changed me. In 2020 I chose UNFETTERED. This is a word not found in my everyday vocabulary but one I felt drawn to at the time. And it was spot on to this year. Unfettered is to come unchained, to release what is holding us back or what no longer serves us. To then create sacred space to create, grow, expand. 


Having just celebrated 50 years of walking this beautiful planet we call Home, I have chosen a few words to embody and focus on for the year. I couldn’t just choose one. I will share them with you as they may resonate with you as well. Feel free to use them to inspire you in the days and months ahead…


L I B E R T Y 

S O V E R E I G N T Y 

G R A C E 

E L D E R H O O D 

P R E S E N C E 


Liberty to me is freedom from control, be it government or otherwise, but from an external source. That feels empowering and necessary to me in these times. Sovereignty is having supreme power or authority of oneself. If you read my last blog post, I shared how I fought for my sovereignty by running away from everything and everyone I knew. Now that I have it, I never want to lose sight of it again. Being one’s own authority is critical in living a heart-centered life and that, to me, is everything. 


Grace is a word I’ve shied away from until now. The softness of this word initially made me uncomfortable, as if it wasn’t enough to practice grace. It felt too polite, as if to lose oneself, but the meaning of the word is different to me now. Grace is being present, sitting back but prepared to use one’s voice when necessary, holding space for others and moving through life with a sense of ease. That feels good to me. 


Elderhood is a big one. This word carries weight. Last summer, while lying on the floor of the Amazon Rainforest during a ceremony I was shown that it’s time for me to prepare to be an Elder. It surprised me. I didn’t see it coming. I felt I was too young to be an Elder. Too much responsibility. I resisted the very thought. Certainly an Elder needs to be of an older age. I believe an Elder must experience life in order to impart wisdom on others. If we just advise without having lived through the experience or at least something similar I don’t believe we have the authority to voice our opinion about it. Integrity is a key part of being an Elder. 


Let’s face it. How many Elders do you know in your life at the moment? Sadly, our society has forgotten the importance of Elders and even our Elders have forgotten how to be. Imagine if we had Elders to seek in a time like this. Not someone famous who calls themselves a guru, but an Elder in your own community. Someone to look to, to seek counsel, to lead the way and guide us to a better world. 


So Elderhood is one of my words I’d like to start to embody, to start working toward, to prepare for. I trust others feel the same and in the next generation we will provide Elders to the generations coming after us. 


And lastly, Presence. We tend to spend time ruminating on the past and worrying about the future. Many teachers including Eckart Tolle repeatedly remind us to live in the now. To be present. When we are living in the present, we are our true authentic selves, we are living in our power, we are kind and compassionate to others, and we make wise decisions. 


May we come into 2021 with chosen words to guide us and keep us aligned. May we have a year filled with love, light, grace, and ease. May we stay present, block out the noise of the mainstream, listen to Mother Nature, continue to discover the many teachings of the plant medicines and their ancient wisdom, and have reverence for life and all beings. 


Much love, 


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