The Company




We are dedicated to our mission statement, as well as the following ethical commitments... 

    • Vervain is a zero waste company
    • All botanicals used by VERVAIN are either grown organically or wildcrafted ethically; and suppliers are carefully vetted for sound business practices
VERVAIN is dedicated to an ongoing charitable commitment in support of the protection and preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and its peoples. The Amazon jungle is the lungs of our planet, for which we all so desperately depend. VERVAIN is in partnership (and deep spiritual kinship) with the beautiful Yawanawá women of Mutum; in the Acre region of the Amazon. 


Well versed in speaking as an educator, Carmen has a successful teaching career in herbal medicine and integrative nutrition and is a beloved faculty member at The Institute of Traditional Medicine. In service of her intention to educate and inspire others, Carmen offers various talks and workshops to the public, as group sessions, corporate seminars, and lecture style speaking engagements. 

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