I have had the great honour of learning from Carmen through my formal studies of Therapeutic Herbal Medicine, as well as informally... as a student of life! She is a teacher of many areas - clinical herbal medicine, yes; holistic nutrition, yes; women's health and endocrinology, yes - but Carmen also teaches her students (and her clients) the art of a good life... how to live from the heart, how to live mindfully, how to be of service, how to find passion and care in what we are all doing... and she does this oh-so-naturally through her 'eternal student' mindset. Carmen shares her incredible wealth of knowledge with generosity, humility, and passion. She inspires through her own work, her own stories and struggles, which keeps her lessons real - tangible - meaningful. I will alway jump at the chance to learn from this women... a true leader and teacher to many.  

  • Alexis, Toronto ON
I want to thank you so much for what you brought to the clinic and classes you taught. I am so grateful that you were our clinic supervisor; you really made the experience at ITM worth it. Your passion, enthusiasm and deep caring are contagious. You are one of the most empathetic and insightful people I have talked to - your clients are so lucky! And the knowledge you bring is invaluable. I have been reviewing my notes from classes the past month and am so grateful for all that you shared from your own experience. So thank you, thank you! I'm going to miss you!
Sara, Toronto ON

Carmen not only added to my knowledge of community herbal medicine, but facilitated the integration of my Eastern traditional medicine background into the realm of western clinical herbal medicine. She has been a generous, passionate and motivated teacher who is always learning, and with respect to this is a constant source of inspiration to her students. The practice of community medicine has the fundamental pre-requisite of "heart." Without this, there is no incentive to practice. Carmen embodied this, and I am thankful to have had her as one of my gifted teachers at the Institute of Traditional Medicine

  •  Vishnu, Montreal QC


I am deeply appreciative to have studied herbal medicine with Carmen as my teacher. While her extensive knowledge-base is impressive in itself, her support and style of teaching always felt in tune with her students. Amongst many of her attributes, Carmen's ability to teach with thoughtfulness, honesty, thoroughness, care, presence, and integrity all contribute to an engaging setting to facilitate growth and learning from her students. Her clinical experience, passion for learning, and open heartedness in sharing her knowledge is both insightful and inspiring. I am grateful for every opportunity to have learned from Carmen and feel assured that she will continue making a meaningful impact teaching others

  •  Alan, Toronto ON


I feel so privileged to have had Carmen as a teacher, mentor, and guide while studying at the Institute of Traditional Medicine.  Not only is her enthusiasm contagious,  her compassion and knowledge are so admirable.  Learning from her gave me a beautiful opportunity to grow.  Thank you for being such an amazing inspiration ♥️

  •  Reenee, Toronto ON