Skin Care

The rose & elder flower cream is amazing! I have been using it for several years and find it really nourishing on my incredibly dry skin. Love the fact that is all natural and also use it on my 2 year old from time to time.

  • Joanne, Markham ON


Definitely the best face cream I've ever used. Every product I try - I love.  

  • Ralph, Toronto ON


As a freelance makeup artist working in film and television and after working with dozens of skincare and cosmetic lines throughout my career, VERVAIN tops the list. With the organic ingredients and Carmen's special touch, I have full confidence in using VERVAIN as a base for any makeup application.  VERVAIN is an essential for my makeup kit and for myself!

  • Teryl, makeup artist Toronto ON


I noticed such a difference in my skin when I switched from name brand, pharmacy bought face creams to VERVAIN Face Cream. I have dry skin in the winter and I love that it's nourishing enough for cold Canadian weather, but also light enough in the summer months too! It makes my skin glow without feeling greasy.

  • Lara, Toronto


This is the best product I have ever used. My skin loves it!

  • Janine, Victoria BC


Fantastic experience - the cream is brilliant and I think that it is my new cream! Highly recommend.

  • Corrine, Denver CO


My skin looks and feels so smooth since using this product, there is no sticky feeling that some moisturizers have.  I like the subtle scent--a faint hint of rose.  I am 80 years of age, but my friends tell me that my skin looks younger and fresher and "glows".  I am especially happy that it is so soothing--no itchiness as I find the area around my eyes very sensitive

  • Mary, Toronto ON


I love your cream so much. It feels nourishing in a REAL way.

  • Anya, makeup artist, Vancouver BC


I work outside everyday in extreme temperature changes and I have been alternating using both the Aloe Cream and Rose & Elderflower Face Cream for the past year.  My skin has never felt smoother, my pores are smaller and my red spots have completely cleared up. I love the fact that my skin feels clean when using Carmen's cream and not greasy.  My husband has even commented how great my skin looks…..her products are FABULOUS!!

  • Irene, Beamsville Ontario


I have been using the Rose Elder face cream for about a year and I really love it. Not only do I enjoy its soft, clean, subtle scent, but I am also pleased with its non-greasy formula that leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated all day long

  • Carmen, Weldon SK


Thank you so much for your amazing face cream. I was using Vichy and used Clarins in the past and nothing compares! I feel like it is feeding my skin and is the most hydrating cream I have ever used. It also leaves you with a beautiful glow.

  • Jules, Toronto Ontario


Love it (Aloe Face Cream)! After the shower it’s so refreshing. After only a couple of weeks I noticed a difference in my skin.

  • Leanne, Calgary AB


I've decided I can't live without your face cream.
  • Teryl, makeup artist, Toronto ON



I really can't decide which cream I like, they're both great. Thanks for making such a fantastic product

  • Janine BC, Canada


I have been using the Rose cream for the past year after changing it from the Aloe Cream.  I love both of them.  I love the smell of the Rose cream and when I put it on I feel like I am giving my skin so much nourishment.  It leaves my skin looking younger and glowing.  One time I actually ran out of it and had to wait for the next order and immediately noticed how different my skin was when I had to use something else.

  • Mimi, Beamsville Ontario


I absolutely love the Skin Salve, I use it for rashes, scrapes and bug bites. I find it really works well for me on mosquito bites, I swell up instantly and they are very itchy. I rub Skin Salve on them and in no time they seem to just disappear.

  • Denise, Kinistino SK


It (Skin Salve) takes the itch out of mosquito bites within seconds!

  • Allison, Toronto ON


I have used the skin salve repeated on my very dry and hard working hands. They are always exposed to the elements and the skin salve acts as a wonderful protection. I also use it on cuts, burns, scars, rashes and any other skin irritations both for me and my family. It works amazingly.

  • Mimi, Beamsville Ontario


When I first tried the lip balm I was amazed by how beautiful it glided onto my lips.  Working outside most of the time I am always looking for a product that can protect and nourish my lips. Carmen's lip balm works so well at keeping my lips hydrated and protected.

  • Mimi, Beamsville Ontario


I’m loving the cream and lip balm!

  • Carol, Toronto ON


This lip balm! I won’t use anything else! Cracked lips were soothed in just a couple of days. Healed them completely. It worked so quick!

  • Leanne, Calgary AB